Criteria ACR / EULAR 2018 Classification of SLE 4.75/5 (8)

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ACR / EULAR classification criteria for SLE (New criteria for SLE / Systemic lupus erythematosus). Preliminary version. Translated to Norwegian based on English version, which was presented on EULAR 2018.

This joint project between ACR (USA) and EULAR (Europe) has been working for several years. The criteria will probably, with some adjustments, be used for many years to come. The purpose of these criteria is: 1) Better define SLE as autoimmune diseases. 2) Exclude SLE-like diseases. 3) Emphasize the most typical disease manifestations. 4) Enable classifications earlier in the course of the disease. 5) Could also use the criteria child with SLE.

The criteria use "weighting" so that some items count more than others when one sums up.

The criteria are per June 2018 not published in a journal, but were mainly presented on EULAR 2018. A preliminary Norwegian version:

  • Everyone must have ANA (antinuclear antibody in blood test) with titer of at least 80.
  • Total score of at least 10 Required for SLE, please calculate below:

Nephritis (renal inflammation) SCORE

  • Class III / IV (severe nephritis) 10
  • Class II / V 8
  • Protein more than 0,5g / d 4


  • Anti-Sm 6
  • Anti-DsDNA 6

Serositis (pericarditis / pleuritis)


  • ACLE (Acute skin lupus) 6
  • SCLE / DLE (Subacute Cutaneous / Discoid) 4
  • Oral ulcer (mouth ulcer) 2
  • Alopecia (Flexible Hair Loss) 2


  • Cramps (epilepsy-like) 5
  • Psychosis (reality deficiency) 3
  • Parts (disturbed awareness) 2


  • Arthritis (joint inflammation) 6



TOTAL least score = 10?

More information:

SLICC criteria (2012) and ACR (1997) for SLE, please see here

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