Criteria Antisynthetase Syndrome (2011) 5/5 (1)

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It is (per 2018) no generally accepted classification or diagnostic criteria for the antisynthetase syndrome. However, the following are often used (Solomon J, 2011):

  • The occurrence of an antisynthetase Antibodies (anti-aminacryl tRNA) (a-Jo-1, a Pl-12, aP1-7 or others) detected at least two occasions

In addition at least one of the following (Major criteria):

  1. Myositis (Poly or Dermatomyositis)
  2. Interstitial lung disease
  3. arthritis

Og Together with at least two a following (minor criteria):

  1. Fever or subfebril body temperature
  2. Raynaud's phenomenon
  3. Mechanic hands (skin on thumb or index finger cracks)
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