ASIA Syndrome (Autoimmune / Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) 4.25/5 (4)

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ASIA syndrome must include conditions there autoimmune diseases is triggered by adjuvants vaccines, silikon, aluminum salts and other unnatural substances. The concept is debated because possible connections are difficult to detect, random coincidences may exist and good research studies are in short supply.

Diagnosis listed under ASIA syndrome


Suggested criteria for the diagnosis: (Either 2 major or 1 major + 2 minor)


  • Exposure for external stimulus (infection, vaccine, silicone, adjuvants) before clinical manifestation
  • Typical clinical manifestation
    • Myalgia, myositis or muscular weakness
    • Arthralgia and / or arthritis
    • Chronic fatigue, not rested after sleep or sleep disturbances
    • Neurological manifestations (especially associated with demyelinating diseases)
    • Cognitive problems, reduced memory
    • Typical biopsy from affected organs


Critical questions

In the reputable journal "Lupus "from 2011 points R Cervera that a number of questions are unanswered:

  1. Are there theoretical / biological experimental evidence that a connection is possible?
  2. The time perspective. Expected is approx. 3 weeks in autoimmune reaction in rheumatic fever. How do you explain months to years of delay after vaccinations?
  3. Is it a classical autoimmune disease described or unspecific autoimmune reactions?
  4. What kind of mechanism exists: Cross-reaction? Which vaccines are triggers (adjuvants, solvent)?
  5. Does the number of vaccines given have a vital role?
  6. Are Classical Vaccine Reactions Real Autoimmune Diseases?
  7. Are there any similarities between silicone-induced reaction and vaccine-induced reaction?

It is thus uncertain whether the ASIA syndrome will be established as a classic diagnosis. Until a clarification is available, it is recommended to be aware of the phenomenon.


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