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Cimzia er Biological treatment which blocks TNF-alpha. Injections. Active ingredient is certolizumab.

Before starting treatment

  • Inform yourself about the current medication ("your medication")
  • A treatment goal should be set
  • Exclude signs of infection (tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C)


  • Consider annual flu vaccine
  • Evaluate pneumococcal vaccine before starting treatment (effect for 5-10 years)
  • Consider hepatitis B vaccine before initiating treatment (exposed persons)
  • "Live vaccines" should not be used


Common dosage as injection under the skin (subcutaneous, sc) against Rheumatoid arthritis in adults:

  • Startup: 400mg dose first three times (week 0, week 2 and week 4), then 200mg injection under the skin (subcutaneously) every 2. week or 400mg every 4. week
  • Combination with Methotrexate is common


Medical checks / follow-up

  • Specialist / Specialist in Rheumatology and General Practitioner

Measurement of serum concentration


  • During pregnancy, Cimzia passes to the fetus to a small extent and the drug can be used during breastfeeding

Patient information


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