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This page contains a brief description that does not cover the medication. For more information read the review in for the respective drug.


Etanercept is the active ingredient in Enbrel and Benepali that is biological drugs which blocks TNF-alpha (TNF inhibitors). Benepali is bio- similar drug for Enbrel

Before start of treatment


  • Consider annual flu vaccine
  • Assess pneumococcal vaccine before starting treatment (effect lasts for 5-XNUM years)
  • Consider hepatitis B vaccine before initiating treatment (exposed persons)
  • "Live vaccines" should not be used
  • More about vaccines here


Ordinary dosage for treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis) in adults:

  • Injection 50 mg under the skin (subcutaneous, sc) every week or 25 mg twice a week
  • Combination with Methotrexate is common

For children, dose is given by body weight. By Juvenile arthritis the dose is usually 0,8mg / kg body weight (maximum 50mg) once a week or 0,4mg / kg (maximum 25mg) twice a week



Enbrel is usually stored in a refrigerator. Do not freeze. Can be stored at max. 25 ° C for a single period of up to 4 weeks, and then can not be cooled again.

Physician controls / follow-up

  • Specialist / Specialist in Rheumatology and General Practitioner

Measurement of serum concentration

  • Reference range for serum concentration measurements: (random measurement point): Please see (etanercept)
  • Antibodies are rarely formed and is of uncertain clinical significance
  • High antibody titer or high etanercept level in blood serum combined clinically unsatisfactory effect indicates need for drug change

Patient information


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