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This page contains a brief description that does not cover the medication. For more information read the review in for the respective drug.

Imurel (azathioprine)

  • Inhibit B lymphocytes
  • Usually, 2,0 -2,5mg / kg / day is administered in one or two doses
  • In advance mAcknowledgment of genetic disposition for intolerance to Imurel is available (TPMT measurement)
  • Therapeutic range for 6-TGN (Therapeutic range 3,5-5,0) and meMP (<50 micromol / l), please see (6tgn)
  • High value for 6-TGN and low for 6-MMT (<5) may indicate genetic TPMT gene variant. Consider lower dose or other treatment.
  • Some people respond quickly to azathioprine with "drug fever" or DRESS syndrome, Leukopenia or liver enzyme increase and must terminate treatment.
  • Leukocytopenia (low number of neutrophil leukocytes) occurs at high doses and may be difficult to distinguish from SLE activity (which may also cause leukocytopenia)
  • Allopurinol / Zyloric (against uric acid) increases Imurel effect and side effects
  • Can be used during pregnancy.
    • Dosage that exceeds 100mg / day should be avoided by breastfeeding because the drug passes into breast milk even if harm is not detected
  • Protection against strong sun is recommended because the medication can contribute to increased risk of skin cancer

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