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Freezing of sperm and eggs may be appropriate before treating some rheumatic diseases. Hungarian Wikipedia Dr. Vereczkey Attila.CC BY SA 3.0


Most types of disease-suppressive drugs (Methotrexate, Azathioprine, CellCept, Plaquenil, Biological drugs and more) against rheumatic disease (DMARD = Disease Modifying Antirheumatic Drug) does not lead to permanent impaired ability to have children (fertility). An exception is Sendoxan (cyclophosphamide) used in severe illness where internal organs, brain / nervous system and blood vessels are attacked as in some forms of Vasculitis or Systemic connective tissue diseases:. Sendoxan is a chemotherapy.


Males: Men who plan to become fathers and who need Sendoxan may be offered freezing of semen (sperm bank). The semen can later be used for fertilization. More about freezing and storage of semen here (Wikipedia)

Females: For women under the age of 35, who wish for later pregnancy, freezing of fertilized or unfertilized eggs (oocytes) can be applicable (more information here: Wikipedia). Often the freezing of ovarian tissue (ovary) is selected methode. The procedure is surgical (laparoscopy) and ovarian tissue extraction is done at several hospitals spread throughout the country. Retention and reversal of ovarian tissue is done in Norway only at Oslo University Hospital. More about freezing of ovarian tissue Here (Oslo University Hospital).

Re-establishment of fertility after return of ovarian tissue occurs when chemotherapy is complete. After the operation, pregnancy can occur after 8-18 months. In Norway, approx. 180 women have had "harvested" ovarian tissue. Four have had ovarian tissue surgery and two have become pregnant (as of 2015). Results from Denmark (Rigshospitalet) based on approx. 40 births indicate that approximately 30% of those who have ovarian tissue returned become pregnant and give birth. Most have had cancers (breast cancer, lymphoma and other types) that are treated with high doses of chemotherapy and some also with bone marrow transplantation (High-dose treatment with autologous stem cell support = HMAS). More about fertility- conserving treatment by ovarian freezing Here: (Norwegian National Competence Center).

Measurement of ovarian function after reversal

When the ovaries resume the function after successful reversal, one sees that the levels off FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) decrease and AMH (anti-Müller-Hormone) Increases.



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