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Tablets containing a cortisone-like hormone

  • Rapid, anti-inflammatory effect on many inflammatory, rheumatic diseases

Side effects

  • Some possible side effects by short-term use
    • Weight gain
      • Customize your diet
    • Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
      • Check blood sugar after starting treatment
    • Benchrose (osteonecrosis) (rapid destruction of bone substance by hip, shoulder, wrist or ankles). Risk of Prednisolone dose over 20mg / day
  • Some possible side effects by Long-term use
    • Fragile bones (osteoporosis)
    • Infections
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Lack of self-production of cortisone (in the adrenal glands)
      • NOTE! do not abruptly end long-term prednisolone treatment.
  • High dose: 10mg / day or more
  • Low dose: 5 mg / day or less
  • Short-term use: during 3-6 months

Measures against side effects

  • Proper diet
  • Physical Activity
  • Sufficient calcium and Vitamin D intake
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid high alcohol consumption
  • Vaccines which can be considered (preventive) before treatment start
    • Influenza (annual)
    • Pneumococci (pneumonia) (every 5-7 year)
    • Herpes zoster (shingles)
  • Combine with Calcigran Forte to prevent osteoporosis
  • Combined with other anti-doping medications

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EULAR recommendations for corticosteroid treatment (reference: Duru N, 2013)

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