Inflicimab (Remicade, Remsima, Flixabi, Inflectra, Zessly) 5/5 (1)

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This page contains a brief description that does not cover the medication. For more information read the review in for the respective drug.


Before start of treatment


  • Consider annual flu vaccine
  • Evaluate pneumococcal vaccine before starting treatment (effect lasts for 5-10 years)
  • Consider hepatitis B vaccine before initiating treatment (exposed persons)
  • "Live vaccines" should not be used
  • More about vaccines here


Physician controls / follow-up

  • Specialist / Specialist in Rheumatology and General Practitioner

Measurement of serum concentration

  • Serum concentration and antibody measurement (Inflix simab, OUS on own requisition). Measured in blood before new dose is given (bottom concentration): For recommended reference range and supplemental information is recommended (infliksimab)

Patient information


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