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This page contains a brief description that does not cover the medication. For more information read the review in for the respective drug.


RoActemra is an Biological drug which inhibits the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) in the immune system. RoActemra is used to treat rheumatic diseases, either as a syringe (subcutaneous, sc) or injection (intravenously, iv).

Before start of treatment


  • Adults (usually)
    • Subcutaneous dose 162mg / week
    • iv 8 mg / kg every X. week
  • Children get the dose adjusted to body weight


Measurement of serum concentration

  • Tocilizumab, Oslo University Hospital on their own requisition
  • Reference range of tocilizumab in blood sample (bottom concentration just before the next infusion): Please see (tocilizumab)

Medical checkup / follow-up

  • Infections must be excluded (although CRP is normal)
  • CRP is (almost) always normalized and the sedimantation rate (ESR) lower, but the changes do not always correlate with the treatment response
  • Antibodies are rarely formed

Patient information


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