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Sandimmun Neoral contains cyclosporine / cyclosporine and is used as an immunosuppressive agent in rheumatic disease and after organ transplants. The drug is a calcineurin inhibitor that inhibits T lymphocytes.

Dose for adults with Rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis)

  • The usual dose is 3mg / kg / day divided into two daily doses. Starting dose for an average heavy adult is 75-125mg twice daily, increasing to 150-250mg x 2, depending on weight and any side effects.
  • Please note! Blood pressure may increase during treatment

Serum level before tablet intake and after two hours

  • (0 sample) may be 60-125 ng / ml (as after kidney transplantation)
  • Serum level 2 hours after tablet intake is 600-800 ng / ml to be expected

Physician controls / follow-up

  • In addition to the regular blood tests, also blood pressure controlled. Cooperation between specialist and general practitioner

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