Castleman disease (lymph node hyperplasia) 4.2/5 (5)

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Castlemans Disease, Affiliation: Department of Radiology, Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland. Open

Castleman's disease (Angio-follicular lymph node hyperplasia, lymphoid hamartoma)


Castleman's disease is a benign, rare, disease that includes lymph nodes with different localities, most commonly in the mediastinum (thorax). Also reported on the neck. Described by Benjamin Castleman in 1956.


Two types:

  • Uni-centric

    • Most common type
    • Only one lymph node is attacked
    • Debuts with a large, well-defined lymph node without special pain
    • Rarely changes in blood samples
Castleman disease

Castleman's disease with filling in the kidney. Saed-Abdul-Rahman J. CC BY NC 3.0


PET / CT to define spread (uni- or multifocal) (Koa B, 2021)

Biopsy (can be difficult to interpret)

Incorrect diagnosis (similar conditions, differential diagnoses)



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