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Fatigue is exhaustion

Severe fatigue and exhaustion are common also in rheumatic diseases


Fatigue is morbid fatigue and prolonged or recurrent fatigue with reduced capacity for mental and / or physical activity (reference: Krupp LB, 1996). Fatigue can be divided into subgroups such as: "general fatigue", "physical fatigue", "mental fatigue" and "mental fatigue".

Chronic fatigue is observed in a variety of diseases and conditions, including Systemic connective tissue diseases: and other rheumatic diseases.

From the animal kingdom, we recognize symptoms of fatigue in infectious diseases. Animals hide to rest until their physical condition improves ("sickness behavior", reference: Heart BL, 1988). That way, they protect themselves from attack by predators in an exposed phase.

Conditions with fatigue

Incorrect diagnosis (Similar conditions / Differential diagnoses)

  • Narcolepsy

    • Nerve system disorders with sudden short sleep disorders during the day
    • Some genetic disposition (HLA-DQB1). Some also triggered by the vaccine (Pandemrix ) against swine flu
  • Sleep apnea

    • Night sleep with abnormal breathing breaks causes a pronounced fatigue a day. Children can develop hyperactivity

Measurement / registration of fatigue


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