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Illustration. Plantar faciit causes foot pain. Wikipedia. Public domain

Pain in the ankles and feet in children and adolescents most commonly occurs in sports and injuries. Foot pain among adults over 50 years of age is Osteoarthrtitis (often in the big toe) most common cause. Foot or ankle pain is less often a symptom of more serious illness.

  • Rheumatic inflammation and other underlying diseases, as well as side effects of some medications, are assessed by long-term and otherwise unexplained symptoms

Rheumatic diseases and the like with pain in the feet

Achilles tendon inflammation (tendinitis)

  • Pain along the Achilles tendon behind the heel
  • Pain on strain
    • Achilles tendon inflammation is among the most common running injuries
  • Overstressing
  • Accident
  • Spondyloarthropathies
  • ciprofloxacin
    • Antibiotic against infection that dispose of tendonitis and rupture

Achilles tendon rupture (smoked Achilles tendon)

  • Acute severe pain in the heel and leg
  • Accident
  • Overstressing
  • Cortisone injection in the tendon
  • Cortison in high doses (for example Prednisone)
  • Ciprofloxacin (Antibiotic)

Arthritis (inflamed joint)

Illustration: Hallux valgus (Osteoarthrtitis) in big toe. From fr.wikipedia to Commons., CC BY-SA 1.0,

Osteoarthritis in the main joint of the large toe

  • Pain during and after walking
  • The joint can swell
  • Stiff big toe osteoarthritis joint (Hallux rigidus)
  • Skewed axis may occur (Hallux valgus)

Bursitis (Slimpox inflammation, by the Achilles tendon)

Entesitis / entesopathy (Latex infection)

  • Pain and swelling at the Achilles tendon (heel) or under the foot (plantar fascia)
  • Tendonitis: Please see below


  • Severe burning pain in feet and legs

Foreign body

  • Shards
  • Thorns
  • Other sharp objects

Haglund's heel

Heel spurs

Köhler disease

  • Most often boys in 6-9's age
  • Osteonecrosis with pain and swelling

Morton's metatarsalgia

  • Painful thickening on the nerve
  • Most often between toe 2 and toe 3

Osteoporosis (osteoporosis) with fractures

  • Pain due to breakage even in small injuries

Plantar fasciitis

  • Among the most common running injuries
  • Pain under the feet and heel, especially during pressure and strain (walking)
  • Pain, especially in the first steps after being at rest
  • Overstressing
  • Spondyloarthropathies
  • Infection (rare)

Plantar Fibromatosis (Ledderhose Disease)




Tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • Pain and numbness in the ankle and foot

Tibial posterior dysfunction

  • Pain on the inside of the foot (medial)
  • Tendency to flat foot (sunken foot arch)

Illustration: Stress fracture (fracture) towards toe 2. (metatarsal). Personal, Wikipedia. CC BY SA 3.0

Other causes of foot pain

Athlete's foot

  • Cracking skin, itching between the toes

Foot wart

  • Thickness like warts under the feet

Ingrown nail

  • Inflammation and pain along the toe nails

Adder bite

  • May proceed unnoticed for up to 15 minutes (latency before pain and swelling)

Hollow formed fot (pes cavus)


  • Thick, painful skin 20% among adults

Flat feet

  • May cause pain at longer load


  • Impaired feeling or pain

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