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Jessner's disease (Cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia)


Jessner's disease is a skin disease with persistent nodules (papules) and plaque most often on the neck, back and face. Benign accumulations of lymphocytes. Most of those attacked are under the age of 50, both among men and women. It is a rare condition of unknown cause that was described in 1953 by Jessner and Kanof (Jessner-Kanof lymphocyte infiltrate).


Painless knot or plaque on the neck, face or back. One or more lesions. Some are triggered by sun. Duration for several months to year. Lesions on 2mm-2cm, sometimes with central clarification.


Tissue sample (biopsy): lymphocyte infiltration

Incorrect diagnosis? (Similar diseases / differential diagnoses)


Most often, one waits for the disease to return spontaneously. Cosmetic treatment. Alternatives are surgery, laser or, in some cases, trials with immunosuppressive drugs


Spontaneous decline after months-years


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