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MUPS (Medical Unexplained Physical (Physical) Symptoms)


MUPS is a group of unexplained diseases with subjective symptoms without objective findings. Thorough medical examination shows no signs of disease in blood, organs, nervous system or other. MUPS has no clear international definition. Thus, various diseases and symptoms are covered by the term MUPS. Often mentioned:


By definition, no medical cause has been detected. However, surveys have shown that many with MUPS also have depression and / or anxiety (reference: Li CT, Chu YH, 2009), but it is unclear whether these are contributing causes or consequences of the symptoms.


It is estimated that 3% of all consultations at GPs is due to MUPS. About ¾ that contact doctor for MUPS are women.


Before concluding the diagnosis of MUPS, symptoms must be investigated and evaluated to exclude organ disease. The medical examinations may extend over several years, although special disease findings are not made. The general doctor (general practitioner) plays the lead role in the investigation and is coordinating if special investigations are requested. Among diseases that should be ruled out are Systemic connective tissue diseases: and other Autoimmune diseases, including metabolic diseases og chronic bowel inflammation.


Treatment address the symptoms. In the event of signs of depression and / or anxiety, it is important to take measures to master them. In case of rheumatic pain and / or exhaustion have custum physical activity and careful training proven to help a part in the long term.


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