Criteria for IBM 5/5 (1)

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suggested diagnostic criteria for inclusion lymphocytes

 A. Clinical findings

  1. Duration of illness> 6 months.
  2. Age debut> 30 years.
  3. Slow progressive muscle weakness / atrophy; Selective pattern with early affection of quadriceps and finger reflectors, possibly asymmetrical.
  4. Dysphagia.

B. Laboratory

  1. CK values ​​<12 x normal value.
  2. EMG; Myopathic or mixed pattern with both short and long "MUP" and spontaneous activity.

C. Muscle Biopsy

  1. Necrosis and regeneration of muscle fibers.
  2. Mononuclear cell infiltrate in endomysite.
  3. Mononuclear cell invasion of non-necrotic fibers (specCD8 + T cells).
  4. Upgrading of MHC Class I.
  5. Rimmed vacuoles.
  6. Amyloid in muscle fiber.
  7. By electron microscopy; Nuclear and / or cytoplasmic inclusions.
  8. COX-negative fibers.

D. Heredity

II. Associated diseases

IBM can be associated with

  1. Other autoimmune diseases, collagenoses.
  2. Infections (e.g., HIV, Hepatitis C).

III. Histological criteria for IBM

Definitive IBM requires muscle biopsy with the following findings:

  1. Invasion of mononuclear cells in non-necrotic fibers.
  2. Vacuoles in muscle fibers.
  3. Intracellular amyloid deposits or
  4. 15-18 nm tubular filament.
  • If these biopsy fins are present, neither is laboratory drug Or clinic obligate for diagnosis.

Ref. Griggs RC, 1995

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