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Neck pain and rheumatic disease. Illustration: FotoFyl / E. Tsavari. CC BY 2.0


Pain in the neck is common and most often caused by harmless, though troublesome muscles. The symptoms can come acute or during periods of stress or a lot of work in front of the computer screen. However, there are many other and sometimes serious illnesses that can also cause neck pain. Below is a selection and a list of "Red Flags" / danger signals listed alphabetically.

Rheumatic disease with neck pain

Other causes of neck pain

6 Red Flags (Danger Signals)

  1. Troublesome symptoms for more than 6 weeks
  2. No improvement or gradual deterioration over time
  3. Pain radiate to arm or leg
  4. Pain by knocking against the vertebra of the neck
  5. Numbness or loss of muscle strength
  6. Other new symptoms (unexplained new night sweats, fever, weight loss, headache, nausea)

Investigation of neck pain

  • Clinical examination (GP, neurologist, rheumatologist)
  • Laboratory tests (CRP, Sedimentation rate / ESR, number of blood cells, liver and renal function tests with more)
  • Image Diagnostics (X-ray, MRI examination, CT images)

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