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Adenovirus infection


Adenovirus causes pain in the neck, red eyes and fever especially in children. Rheumatic symptoms are not to be expected, and usually the infection is harmless. However, in a weakened immune system, as in immunosuppressive treatment of rheumatic diseases, adenovirus may cause complications.


  • 5-10 days


Several types (serotypes) of adenovirus with different symptoms

  • Small children most often get respiratory infections
  • Pharyngoconjunctival fever
    • Children
    • Pain in the neck
    • Red eyes
    • Fever
  • Most commonly in upper respiratory tract
    • Tonsillitis («Tonsillitis»)
    • Conjunctivitis ("Red Eye")
    • Otitis (ear inflammation)
    • Bronchitis with cough
  • Diarrhea in young children
  • Pneumonia (pneumonia), myocarditis (myocarditis), meningitis (meningitis) and encephalitis are rare but serious complications


  • Proven by PCR technique


  • Non specific antiviral treatment available


Opportunistic infections,

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