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Aspegillus fumigatus and other aspergillus


Apergillus infection (aspergillosis) is a fungal infection (mycosis). Rheumatic symptoms are not to be expected. By a weakened immune system that knows immunosuppressive treatment of rheumatic diseases, however, aspergillus can cause complications. The infection can also aggravate asthma by hypersensitivity.


Most often no symptoms of the infection

  • Symptoms of respiratory infection with prolonged, antibiotic resistant fever and cough.
    • Nese
    • sinuses
    • Ear canals (Singapore ear)
    • Lungs
  • In the case of impaired immune system, invasive infection may occur
    • Brain
    • Kidneys
    • Artificial heart valve
  • Aspergillus can form colonies (aspergilloma) in the lungs and sinuses


  • One or more densities of X-rays or CT images of lungs (Aspegillom)
  • CT images with typical signs of halo and / or "air crescent"
  • Microscopic detection


  • Fungicides (antimycotics)
  • Surgical resection


Opportunistic infections,

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