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Histoplasm is a fungus that can cause histoplasmosis which is one fungal infection (Mycoses).

  • The most common areas for infection are in the United States, especially in Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys.
  • The infection can cause rheumatic arthritis , but it is rare (reference: Rosenthal J, 1983).
  • In case of a weakened immune system such as during immunosuppressive, anti-rheumatic treatment, after organ transplantation or by the wood HIV infection, one is more susceptible to histoplasmosis infection (reference: Olson TC, 2011)


Fever is most common

  • CT (or X-ray) examinations of lungs
    • Pneumonia (pneumonitis)
    • Knot-shaped densities (nodules)


Medications for fungal infection (anti-mycotics)


Opportunistic infections, BINDEVEVSSYKDOMMER.no

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