Parvovirus B19 and Rheumatic Disease 5/5 (1)

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Parvovirus B19

Eczema by Parvovirus B19 that triggered Marophagic Activation Syndrome (MAS). Soldo-Juresa D, 2015. CC BY 2.0


Parvovirus B19 does not cause a classic ”Opportunistic infection"but important to consider among people who get immunosuppression. Parvovirus B19 Causes Rash (erythema infektiosum), The so-called 5. childhood disease among young children.



The following week

  • Rash (rubella-like, less typical in adults than in children (erytehma infectiosum)
  • Joint pain (arthralgia)
    • Among children with Erythema infectiosum, about 10% gets joint pain which can also be the only symptom of the infection
    • Adults can get one arthritis-like (RA) prevalence with pain and swelling in many joints, including finger joints.
    • The joint pain returns by itself within three weeks, less often after a few months.

Associations and Complications


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