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1) By Muhammad Mahdi Karim (www.micro2macro.net) Facebook Youtube - Own work, GFDL 1.2, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11185617 2) By Beth.herlin - Own work , CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46867814

Zika virus infection


Viral infection transmitted to humans via mosquito bites, mainly via Aedes Mosquito. Can probably also be infected through sexual contact and through blood transfer.

  • One must expect that people with a weakened immune system, such as immunosuppressive treatment for rheumatic diseases, may have a more serious course of disease
  • Joint pain og muscle aches part of the disease picture

Proliferation of Zika virus

Africa, Asia and Latin America (major outbreak in Brazil)


Rheumatic symptoms

Pregnancy and Zika virus

  • There is an increased risk of fetal harm (mikrocephali) if a pregnant is infected, especially in the led 1 / 3 of pregnancy
  • A study of 442 infected pregnant women showed that 6% gave birth to children with injuries following Zikavirus infection (reference: Honein MA, 2017)
    • Everyone with injured children was infected during the first three months of pregnancy
    • The risk of fetal injury is independent of whether the pregnant woman has symptoms of infection or is infected without noticeable symptoms
  • Fetal injuries include brain damage, microcephaly (small head) and fetal death (reference: Brasil P, 2016)
  • Caused zika syndrome can be defined (reference: Hoen B, 2018)
    • Serious microcephaly
    • Special brain formation
    • Changes in the eye (retina)
    • Joint malformations (like lumps)
    • Spasticity
  • Due to the epidemic from 2016, the health authorities of several South American countries have asked women to postpone pregnancy to 2018 or later


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