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Opsumit (marcitentan) tablets 10 mg

This page contains a brief description that does not cover the medication. For more information read the review in Felleskatalogen.no for the respective drug.


Opsumit contains macitentane and is a tablet for pulmonary artery hypertension (pulmonary arterial hypertension / PAH). This is a complication that is most often seen in rheumatic diseases systemic sclerosis (scleroderma).

The tablets work by inhibiting endothelial receptor and are thus one endothelial receptor antagonist (ERA).

Before starting treatment

Opsumit should not be used in severe hepatic impairment, for example if ALT is more than 3 times the normal limit.

To assess efficacy (after, for example, 3 months of treatment), measurements at baseline and a desired, defined treatment goal are important.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Opsumit should not be used during pregnancy (fertile women must use safe contraceptive methods). Please read information about pregnancy in rheumatic diseases on a separate page here


The dosage is usually 10 mg tablet once daily


  • Opsumit is an expensive drug and is prescribed by a specialist and on H-prescription

Side effects

Side effects are common, and the risk must be compared with the indication for treatment. Common side effects:

  • Fluid retention in the body (edema)
  • Low blood percentage (anemia), low number of white blood cells and platelets
  • Diarrhea
  • Some experience nasal congestion
  • Headache

Checks and follow-up

Medical examinations after initiation of therapy should rule out signs of side effects that include signs of liver damage, falling hemoglobin and whether the effect is as desired. Later the doctor continuously assess whether the treatment should continue

For more information is recommended Felleskatalogen.no

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