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Training rheumatic disease

Rheumatic disease training. Pxhere CC0.

rehabilitation Institutions

Training and rehabilitation of rheumatic disease such as systemic connective tissue disease, Vasculitis or a more common chronic, rheumatic disease, may be relevant at a training institution.

The content of training and rehabilitation of rheumatic disease

  • Information on the disease and treatment measures
    • Physician
    • Nurse
    • Other
  • Physical training
    • Supervised by physiotherapist / training therapist
  • Aids to work better
    • Occupational Therapist
  • Social consequences of the disease
    • Social worker
  • Mental coping and help with chronic illness
    • Psychologist
    • Physician
    • Other

Training in rheumatic disease in hot climates

Rehabilitation in hot climates applies to children, adolescents and with some (definite) diagnoses

Applications for treatment stays in hot climates are sent by a doctor (most often the GP) Treatment trips at Oslo University Hospital. Remember to read the terms carefully.

Rehabilitation and training of rheumatic disease in Norway

Rehabilitation at a training institution in Norway is relevant for all chronic, rheumatic diseases when the need exists. A stay often involves overnight stays, instruction, treatments and meals over approximately three weeks.

Applications for treatment stays in Norway are usually sent by the GP and preferably to the training institution within their own health region.

  • More information about rehabilitation institutions here:
  • There are many training institutions, but not everyone is relevant to your illness. Localization within your health region is the most common.

A selection of training institutions in Norway

Content of the applications for rehabilitation

  • Definite (documented) diagnosis
    • What the diagnosis is based on
  • Attachments, such as a report from previous stays, epicrisis from specialist or hospital if available
  • Other treatment measures that have been tried
  • How is the state of health physical (current and other diseases) and mental (is training advisable?). Attach result of current surveys (X-ray, CT, MRI and others)
  • What is the purpose of your stay, for example:
    • Increase the ability to cope with the disease and its consequences better
    • Information and pain management
    • Help get over a bad disease period
    • Regaining the function after a complication
    • Physical training under the necessary guidance

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