Eye symptoms of sarcoidosis 3.67/5 (3)

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Medical Examination Findings

  • Eyelid: Lupus pernio (blue-violet)
  • Infiltrated lacrimal glands
  • Parotitis, uveitis and fever (Heerford syndrome)
  • Conjunctive sarcoid granulomas
  • Uveitis
    • Previous
    • Posterior
    • Mixing Form
    • Pan-uveitis
    • Most often both eyes (bilaterally)
    • Granulomatous type is most common
      • Retinal vasculitis
      • Bleeding
      • Exudates
  • Perivascular nodular granulomas ("wax drip")
  • Dalen-Fuchs nodules (epithelial cells)
  • Retinal and choroidal multifocal infiltrates that leave pigmented chorio-retinal scars
  • Retinal and choroidal nodular granulomas
  • Can affect the opticus nerve
  • Granulomas on the eye background, hyperemia and edema


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