Focus-score Calculation 5/5 (1)

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Calculation of focus score based on biopsy from the lower lip at Sjøgren's syndrome. There must be 2-4 small glands so that the microscopic surface is at least 8 square millimeters (reference: Fisher BA, 2017)

  1. Small salivary glands are examined in biopsy from the lip
  2. Number of foci (accumulation) with more than 50 lymphocytes is summarized
  3. The area being considered is calculated
  4. Number of foci (n) divided by the surface area (a) is multiplied by 4 = foci score

Formula   n: a x 4 =

  • Value 1,0 or higher may indicate Sjögren's syndrome, but is not diagnostic.
  • Smokers have lower scores than non-smokers.
  • For example, false positives occur after injury (bite) on the lip

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