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Pregnancy at Sjøgren's syndrome

  • The possibility of becoming pregnant (fertility) is usually unaffected by Sjøgren's syndrome
  • Risk of abortion is slightly increased if SSA (applies to both Ro52 and / or Ro60kD) or SSB (La) Antibodies in the blood is present.
    • Such antibody results in a risk (estimated at 1 - 2%) for heart disease (heart block) of the fetus
    • Often, therefore, extra follow-up is performed in parts of pregnancy (especially between pregnancy week 16-26)
    • You can read more about pregnancy and SSA / SSB antibody here
    • Children of Sjögren's syndrome patients with such SSA or SSB antibodies may develop SLE-like rash shortly after birth. Symptoms (neonatal lupus) goes gradually over a couple of months
  • A French study of 54 pregnancies among 19 women with Sjøgren's syndrome showed clearly increased number of miscarriages, slightly increased number of stillbirths and the maternity term was on average one week premature compared to healthy control subjects (reference: Ballester C, 2017)
    • Increased risk of a disease other than salivary glands and teething glands
      • Kidneys (interstitial nephritis, renal tubular acidosis)
      • Lung or heart


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