Classification criteria Still's disease in adulthood 3/5 (2)

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Adult Stills Diagnostic Classification Criteria (Yamaguchi M 1992):

At least two major and three minor:


  1. Feverspikes of at least 39ºC for at least one week
  2. Joint pain (Arthralgia) or Arthritis for at least two weeks
  3. Non-itchy, macular or maculo-papular eczema which is "salmon-red" and usually localized on the body (truncus) or extremities during fever episodes
  4. Increased white blood cell count (leukocytosis) greater than 10,000 / microliter, with at least 80% granulocytes



  • Not infection, cancer, vasculitis or other rheumatic disease

Still's disease among adults (adult Still's),

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