Classification criteria (ACR 1980 and ACR-EULAR 2013) 4.75/5 (4)

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Disease criteria for research (ACR criteria, 1980)

The main criterion is: hard skin on the fingers or toes (scleroderma proximal for MCP / MTP) or two of:

1.Sclerodactylia (hard skin on fingers)

2. Wound (ulcer) or tissue loss (atrophy) on the fingertips

3 increased scar tissue in parts of both lungs (bilateral basal pulmonary fibrosis)

More specific here

New criteria (ACR-EULAR 2013) is more complicated, but more accurate (Sensitivity 91%, Specificity 92%):

Classification criteria. 2013 (reference: Van den Hoogen F) (At least 9 scores for diagnosis):

Score (weighting):

Sclerodactylia on fingers and proximal for

MCP joints (both hands) 9

Puffy fingers 2 or

Sclerodactyly of at least one full finger distal to MCP 4 (select highest score)

Ulcerate on finger pulp 2 or

Pitting scars / scars / crusts on fingertip 3 (select highest score)

Teleagiektasi 2

Capillary capillaroscopy 2

Pulmonary hypertension and / or interstitial lung disease 2

Raynaud's phenomenon 3

Antibody related to Systemic Sclerosis:

(CENP, SScL70, RNA Polymerase III) 3

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