Disease Activity EScSG Score by Systemic Sclerosis 5/5 (2)

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Disease Activity (Eustaindex, 2017) by systemic sclerosis *

Score is used to follow the individual's disease activity. A score of at least 2,5 can be considered an active / high-active disease

Symptom / findings score weighted
The patient feels worse last month 1,5
Digital ulcers (ulcers on fingertips) 1,5
Modified Rodnan skin-score more than 18 (at 18 or less; score x 0,084) 1,5
«Tendon friction rub» (tendon crepitation) 2,25
CRP more than 10mg / L 2,25
DLCO (lung function) less than 70% of expected 1,0


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