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Vancomycin is an antibioticand enterococci are common intestinal bacteria. These do not normally cause disease. After using antibiotics especially cephalosporins for infections, enterococci can become resistant so that the treatment no longer works. Vancomycin is effective against many life-threatening infections, but some enterococci have become resistant. Vankomycin-resistant enterococci are also called VRE.

People with impaired immune system, thus also patients undergoing immunosuppression antirheumatic drugs can be seriously ill by VRE.


All persons who have been admitted to health institutions / hospitals outside the Nordic region during the past 12 months



  • Microbiological laboratory and attending physician reports VRE to MSIS at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • The doctor also reports to the patient's local authority
  • More information here (in Danish) (NIPH)



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